Why does my account need to be verified?

We verify all accounts, in accordance with UK regulations, to make sure that you’re over the age of 18. This process is called Know Your Customer (KYC).


How do I verify my account?

The good news is that in most cases, we can automatically verify your account without you having to do anything. We do this using electronic checks on your account. If we’ve not contacted you for document verification, you can assume that your account has either been verified or doesn’t yet need to be verified.


What electronic checks are done on my account?

We use electronic verification companies such as Experian to confirm your age and address, which is a standard practice in the industry. It’s important to note that this is not a credit check – Betway will never perform any credit checks on you and it will not affect your credit score in any way.


Why do I still need to send in documents?

We’ll only request documents for review if we’re not able to verify your account via our electronic processes.


Why didn’t I pass the electronic verification process?

There are several factors that could affect our online verification process. Any discrepancies between the information registered on your account could cause it to fail. For example, if you’ve recently moved and your details have not been updated, this could cause the checks to fail.


What documents do I need to submit?

We accept the following documents as proof of address:

•             Valid driving licence

•             Utility bill (no older than three months)

•             TV licence or telephone statement (mobile statements are not accepted)

•             Council tax statement

•             Bank or savings account statement

•             Mortgage statement

•             P60 (P45 and wage slips not accepted)

•             Student Finance Awards letter

•             HMRC Awards letter

•             House or motor insurance certificate


We accept the following government issued documents as proof of your identity:

•             Valid ID card (not including Scottish and Irish age cards)

•             Valid photo driving licence

•             Valid passport

How long does it take to get my documents approved?

It can take up to 48 hours for your documents to be verified.