Why do you need my documents? 

In order to protect you from identity theft and confirm you are legally allowed to participate, we'll need to confirm your identity. This is a process called Know Your Customer (KYC).

It's just one of the steps we take to help protect our customers and the integrity of our service.
We'll attempt to do these checks electronically after your first deposit. But if we can't verify your details this way, we'll send you a request to forward us your documents for manual verification. If you don't receive a request, we don't need any documents from you. It's that simple. 

If we request your documents, please scan them or take a high-resolution photograph, and send them to

- We'll let you know once your documents have been approved or if we need anything else to get you verified.

- You're free to continue playing while your documents are under review.

We accept the following government issued documents as proof of your identity:

  • Valid ID card 
  • Valid photo driving licence
  • Valid passport

We accept the following documents as proof of your address:

  • Address on valid driving licence 
  • Utility bill (no older than three months)
  • Bank or savings account statement

Reasons we might not accept a document 

We may not be able to accept proof of identity or address documents for any of the following reasons:

  • The documents are distorted and/or not legible
  • The full document is not displayed
  • The documents were not attached to the email
  • The document has expired
  • The proof of address is older than three months

For more information on verifying your account, you can read the Terms and Conditions here.