What is 4 To Score?

Betway is offering all new and existing customers registered in the United Kingdom and Ireland an opportunity to win big with our FREE prediction game.

How does it work?

Simply predict the first teams to score in four football divisions (as displayed on our website) and you could win £/€25,000.

How do I enter?

To register your teams for this week, simply follow the link and make your selections before the first game on a Saturday. Click here to register your teams.


Can I enter more than once each week?

No, only one entry is allowed per person/account, per week.

When do I have to submit my predictions?

Your predictions must be submitted by the kick-off of the first game of the week, as advertised on the 4 to Score page.

Can I change my predictions?

No, once you have submitted your predictions they cannot be changed.

Are all English football league matches eligible?

Only matches that are scheduled to kick-off at 3:00pm on Saturday (UK time) in the four divisions for that week’s promotion will be eligible, unless stated otherwise.

What happens if matches are postponed?

All selections will stand and remain eligible as long as the match is played within 48 hours of the original match start time. If the match is not played within the 48-hour timespan, the selection will be deemed as a loser.

What do I need to know?

It is the time a goal is scored in each individual match that counts towards the promotion, not the time of day. For example, if one match kicks off at 3:05pm and the first goal is scored in the 1st minute at 3:06pm, this would count ahead of a goal in the 5th minute of a 3:00pm kick-off.

If two or more players correctly predict the first team to score in all four divisions, the prize will be split equally amongst those players.

Betway will be using BBC to determine the exact time a goal has been scored. The BBC results are final. In the event of two or more teams scoring the first goal in the same minute of their division, each of those teams will be classed as a winner.

What if no goals are scored?

If there are no goals scored in one (or more) of the eligible leagues, all selections will be deemed as losers.

How will I know if I have won?

All Prize winner(s) will be notified by telephone, SMS and/or e-mail within 48 hours of winning the competition.

Can I withdraw the winnings right away?

The prize will be credited to the winning customer’s Betway Sports account within 72 hours of the competition ending, if successful contact between the winner and Betway has been made.
(Please note in order to withdraw the winnings, you would need to have passed KYC and have a valid payment method registered to your account).