What is Cash Out?

Cash Out is a real-time bet settlement feature whereby you can opt to take your winnings or cut your losses prior to the end of the event.

Example of Cash Out

You stake £/€/$10 on Liverpool to win @ 1/1 (2.00).
Liverpool score a goal in the 65th minute and lead 1-0. Your Cash Out value would be roughly £/€/$15.
In this instance, if you accept to Cash Out you would have profited £/€/$5 (your £/€/$10 stake, plus £/€/$5 winnings).
However, you choose to ignore the Cash Out offer, because you feel that there’s not enough time for the opposition to score a goal.
If Liverpool concede and go on to draw or lose the game, then you lose your bet.
But, if you don’t Cash Out and Liverpool hold their 1-0 lead and win the game, then your original stake returns £/€/$20, with a profit of £/€/$10.

Where can I find if my bet is eligible to Cash Out?

The current Cash Out price as well as the Cash Out icon will be displayed for eligible and unsettled bets in ‘My Bets’.

What markets are available for Cash Out?

As a rule of thumb, look for the Cash Out icon on your chosen event. If it’s next to the market you’ve bet on, then you can use it.
However, Cash Out is NOT currently offered on the following markets:

  • Correct Score
  • Half Time/ Full Time
  • Handicaps
  • Total Points
  • Draw No Bet
  • Match Winner and Both Teams To Score

Why is Cash Out suspended?

There are occasions where you may find that the Cash Out feature has been suspended. This may be during a critical moment in an event such as ‘Break Point’ in a tennis match or a dangerous attack in a football game.

This is done to reflect the suspension of an event’s live markets, and until those markets resume, Cash Out will be disabled.

It’s also worth noting that if you’ve placed a multiple bet, that only one selection would need to be suspended for the full Cash Out service to be disabled for that moment.

Why is Cash Out suspended with 5 minutes remaining?

Within the last 5 minutes, the events become increasingly volatile with many odds changes, and markets often get suspended. We are always looking to increase the availability, but the more selections chosen will increase the possibility of a suspension.

What bet types are eligible for Cash Out?

Cash Out is valid on single, multiple and system bets.

Can I Cash Out using a Free Bet?

Yes, Cash Out can be used, but the offer will take that into consideration. You do not get your Free Bet stake back when a bet wins and therefore the Cash Out offer will only present the cash part which a customer can collect – so it will be lower in some cases.

Do cashed out bets qualify for Free Bet Club?

No, cashed out bets will not qualify for Free Bet Club.

I pressed Cash Out by mistake. Can I reverse the Cash Out?

Pressing the Cash Out button will immediately process the settlement of your bet at the Cash Out amount displayed. Note: once the Cash Out button is pressed, the Cash Out cannot be reversed.

Where can I find my Cash Out settlement information?

Mobile - Cash Out details can be viewed by pressing the “My Bets” icon on the bottom menu bar. Within that section, the tab “Settled” displays settled bets. Settled bets that have been cashed out will have a green “Cashed Out” icon next to them.
Desktop - Cash Out details can be viewed under the Sports tab by clicking on the “My Bets” section (which is on the far right of the menu bar). Alternatively, click on your account number and then click on the “Settled Bets” icon. Settled bets that have been cashed out will have a green “Cashed Out” icon next to them.

Is Cash Out available on Horse Racing bets?

Yes, however, Cash Out is only available on multiple bets. There must be at least one resulted selection before cash out is offered. Please note that the cash out offer is inclusive of BOG, no further BOG payment will apply.

Example of Cash Out on Horse Racing

If you've bet on, say, three horses to win in separate races (Race Winner multiple) and two of the three horses have won but you think the horse in the last race has less chance of winning, you can Cash Out your bet after the second race.

What is Partial Cash Out?

Partial Cash Out allows you to take a proportion of your cash out offering while leaving the remainder of your stake to be settled upon the final score.
You can find details of your partial cash out(s) within the ‘my bets’ section.
You can find the partial cash out feature within the regular cash out area, the feature icon can be opened to show the Partial Cash Out slider bar.

Example of Partial Cash Out
Winning Example:

You stake £/€/$10 on Liverpool to win @ 1/1 (2.00), with a potential return of £/€/$20.
Liverpool are winning 1-0 in the 60th minute. You’re unsure whether they’ll hold on to win within the remainder of the match.
At this moment in time, your bet is set to win, but you want to play it safe and Cash Out half of your stake (£/€/$5).
By using Partial Cash Out and cashing out half of your stake, you also collect a portion of the potential winnings (in this case roughly about £/€/$2.50), leaving you with another £/€/$5 still in play.
Even though your stake has been reduced, the price taken will remain the same. So if Liverpool go on to draw or lose the game, you would only lose £/€/$2.50 of your original stake.
If they hold out and win, then you’ll have won another £/€/$5, and got back the remaining £/€/$5 stake that you left in-play. That would leave you with a total return of £/€/$17.50.

Losing Example:

You stake £/€/$10 on Liverpool to win @ 1/1 (2.00), with a potential return of £/€/$20.
The score is 0-0 in the 60th minute. You’re unsure whether or not Liverpool will grab a winner within the remainder of the match.
At this point, the Cash Out value of your bet isn’t too great as Liverpool aren’t winning.
You don’t want to lose your entire stake, so decide to use Partial Cash Out, while leaving some in play in case they do grab a winner.
In this instance, you select to take out £/€/$3 of your original stake. However, as the bet is losing and the Cash Out value at that time is not greater than your original stake, a portion of your Cash Out is considered a loss – so of the £/€/$3 you selected, £/€/$1.75 is returned to you, with £/€/$1.25 written off.
You still have £/€/$7 in-play though, at the original odds.
If Liverpool can’t find that winner and go on to lose or draw, you lose that remaining £/€/$7 stake.
But if they can grab a winner, then your £/€/$7 in play returns £/€/$14.

And that is Partial Cash Out.